Mixer - Grinder Nadratowski MG 900/160

Mixer grinder Nadratowski MG 900/160

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Marka: Nadratowski
Typ: MG 900 / 160
Moc: 42 kW
Rok produkcji: 2015
Waga: 1970kg

Mixer Grinder Nadratowski MG 900/160 with a power of 42 kW

The MG series grinder mixers are an innovative combination of a two-shaft blade mixer and a high-class meat grinder, which is ideal for preparing, grinding and shaping products such as minced meat or other stuffing. The combination of two devices in one compact body saves a lot of space, and above all, a significant shortening of the process by eliminating transport between a standard mixer and a grinder, as would be the case with a conventional solution.