Cutter Nowicki Tajfun KN - 125

A reliable Nowicki cutter with a bowl capacity of 125 liters - intended for meat processing plants for the production of all kinds of meat stuffing with varying degrees of grinding, fat emulsions, as well as raw skins

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  • - acid resistant design
    -high quality and repeatability of stuffing production
    -versality: in addition to grinding, it is also possible to mix the stuffing
    -high head revolutions (cutting revolutions)
    - microprocessor control
    - smooth adjustment of cutting and mixing rotations
    - it is possible to program up to 40 technology programs
    - option to choose the language of the operator panel
    stuffing ejector
    - automatic water dispensing system
    - effective noise suppression cover
    -system of cutting knives that do not require distance adjustment from the bowl
    - even crumbling of the stuffing in the whole volume of the bowl, thanks to cutting in the air
    - stuffing temperature measurement
    - possibility of using an engine with increased power for the production of heavy stuffing
    - hydraulic stuffing and unloading
    -hydraulically raised front and rear bowl lid
    -monitoring system for the current operation of the machine, self-diagnosis system and sound signaling system
    -comprehensive security system
    -modern and ergonomic machine structure
    - the design meets the highest hygiene requirements (flat surfaces inclined at an angle of 3 degrees)
    -automatic central lubrication system
    - surfaces in direct contact with the product are polished
    - Emergency STOP for bowl drive and knife shaft drive
    - elimination of current disturbances by using frequency converters of the cutter drives.